Thursday, July 7

HEADLINE: Cosmic Panda!

Youtube has unveiled a pretty new user interface, codenamed Cosmic Panda. Today, we also realize that some codenames should remain codenames. Of course who would I be to judge the name of a new interface?

The new design makes some pretty drastic changes, making browsing channels look more like a blog, and the video play look more like a movie theater.

The new layout takes a new focus on content, and more specifically new content. Never mind the fact that Cosmic Panda uses about 1/4th of my 1080 monitor - the interface should scale beautifully on most commonly used devices, including netbooks, and Android phones and tablets. Looks like Youtube is headed in a similar direction as Google.

Disregarding what I predict to be the first of many catch phrases to describe fairly mundane services and changes, Cosmic Panda definitely pushes Youtube to a new realm of interaction with content and usability. Anyway, let us know if you dig it, or if the tried and true is golden.


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