Friday, July 8

HEADLINE: We got our first troll!

For those who did not read the introduction, we stated that all comments were going to be moderated to prevent trolling.  This is a true statement.  In our longtime experience on forums we have had to deal with irritating aspect of John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.  Now, being the administrators of our own blog we breath in the heady mixture of power and satisfaction that comes with deleting ridiculous comments.  This does not mean we will be deleting all comments of differing opinions, just the trolls.  However, since this was our first troll comment we thought we would celebrate by posting it here, for all of you to enjoy.

Anonymous said:
"Hey Blueballs, you might want to have FatError proofread your drivel."

As a matter of fact we believe proofreading to be a detriment to the creative process and staunchly oppose it.  We seems to do jst fine witout it thaks vey much.

Blueballs & FatError


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Solanah said...

Funny they mention balls but don't have enough to show their own name. Congrats guys :)